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Watch Erick Simpson's "10 Simple Daily Sales Activities Guaranteed to Win Appointments" Webcast On Demand Now If:
  1. You don't have an established, consistent and successful sales activity process for prospecting and lead generation for net new logo business
  2. You need to provide new or struggling sales staff a simple, documented set of sales activities to execute to turn sales around

  3. You haven't developed a simple weekly scorecard to track and manage sales tasks that lead to appointments

  4. You require a new overall sales strategy to break the cycle of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

  5. You have a strong desire to free your company from its dependence on referrals for new business, and instead wish to implement a strategy that allows you to more accurately forecast strategic growth


What You'll Get For Attending:

  • A download of our business-winning Sales Activity KPI Dashboard
  • An understanding of each step and how to properly execute it go set more appointments
  • A download of the presentation slide deck for reference and review
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Sales Activity KPI Dashboard