Core Benefits of Email Marketing for MSPs

With so many different marketing channels and vehicles available to MSPs today, how do you know which one to turn to for cost-effective marketing that also generates quality leads? Between social media, SEO and PPC, or even direct mail – it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. […]

Face-to-Face Sales Meetings in the Era of Digital Efficiency

Many businesses have taken the office out of the office and placed their operations on the web. Digital tools have made it easier and more affordable to do business even when employees are away from the office. Your business can follow the 7 step sales process via he phone, or […]

Vertical Marketing Strategies for Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers are similar to many other businesses in that they get comfortable with a particular marketing strategy or industry and they stick with it. Maybe you prefer to market cloud computing services, but in doing so you don’t remember to market the rest of your solutions. That is […]

use events to sell more services

How to Use Events to Sell More Services

Finding time to market your services as an IT provider can be challenging. No business owner wants to throw a ton of money into marketing and sales tactics if they’re not going to see a return on investment – so choosing the right activities to focus your time and effort […]

Tips for Successful B2B Marketing in a Digital World

The digital world we live in, where it’s commonplace for everyone to carry a smartphone everywhere they go and use the internet for just about everything – has completely changed the world of business-to-business (B2B) marketing for small to midsized businesses (SMB). It used to be that every sale required […]

b2b marketing in digital world

What Managed Services Providers Can Offer Amid the Hacked Email Scandal

We have learned a lot this election season, especially about technology, data management, and the potential for hacks. As we speak, WikiLeaks continues to leak a slow drip of emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal email server. While this is an interesting read and news story, the underlying concerns are frightening. […]

Selling File Storage and Sharing Options in the Era of Free Cloud Storage

Offering file storage and sharing services to companies with so many free products on the market is challenging. While you know the importance of managed services, file storage and sharing, and cloud computing products, it can be a tough sale in a world that offers similar products for free. There […]

file storage and sharing

mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions: A plan for prosperity and due diligence

You know a good deal when you see one. That doesn’t mean, however, that your good deal is profitable once it is acquired or merged with another. Marrying two entities, acquiring a new company, or dissolving an operation altogether requires a game plan, and a great deal of due diligence […]

Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan

Information Gathering Determine which senior executive(s) will have overall responsibility for disaster recovery. Have this executive appoint a disaster recovery coordinator. Appoint a disaster recovery team leader for each operational unit, such as the server backup or the telephone system. Convene the disaster recovery planning team and sub-teams as appropriate. […]

disaster recovery plan

value pricing techniques

Value Pricing Techniques to Maximize Margins for Cloud and Managed Services

No matter how well you design and deliver a managed or cloud service, it won’t make you money—and might even cost you some—if you don’t price it properly. This article delivers proven, actionable advice on how to arrive at the most profitable prices for your service offerings. Pricing Cloud Computing […]