Core Benefits of Email Marketing for MSPs

With so many different marketing channels and vehicles available to MSPs today, how do you know which one to turn to for cost-effective marketing that also generates quality leads? Between social media, SEO and PPC, or even direct mail – it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. That’s why we’re going to break it down for you by focusing on one specific form of marketing that any MSP could utilize and benefit from.

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Email marketing presents more opportunities for MSPs and helps drive a better ROI than other forms of marketing. Here are the core benefits of email marketing as it pertains to MSPs.

Email Marketing Saves Time

Yes, of course you only have just 24 hours in a single day to get things done. So does everyone else. However, what matters is how you utilize that time and how much of it is wasted on ineffective marketing that you force yourself to do on your own.

An effective email marketing campaign typically only takes about two hours to put together. That includes creating the message itself (the content) and including any links or images for it as well. Thankfully, there are thousands of email marketing templates now available for you to choose from and customize yourself. No more creating anything from scratch and suddenly you have a quality email marketing campaign at your disposal.

Reach a More Highly Targeted Audience

With email marketing, you are the one in complete control. Not only do you have the ability to control exactly who sees your email, but being able to target the right audience for your services improves the effectiveness of the email campaigns themselves.

Think about it, being able to target different types of people based on location, general demographics, job title, and so on means you are sending your marketing message to people it was specifically created for. Suddenly, your emails to various audience segments will create a sense of personalization just for that person, which will only drive a higher conversion rate.

Easily Measure Marketing Results

Before the advent of the Internet, and of course Internet marketing, many MSPs would be stuck advertising on radio, TV, and in print. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult to measure the effectiveness of your marketing messages and campaigns. With email marketing you can easily measure the results and do so in real-time. Even the most basic DIY email marketing platforms will track open and click-through rates, in addition to telling you exactly who did or did not open or click on a link.

More Cost Effective than Direct Mail and Telesales

Let’s face it, too many MSPs are still caught up in the vicious cycle of sending out direct mail pieces and cold calling for generating new business. The time and money invested in such marketing practices when email marketing is already proven more effective, less time consuming, and more cost friendly is a true head scratcher.

Cold calling prospects from a prospect list in excel or a word document is something dreaded by most professionals. Adding email marketing to your other lead-generating pre-sales activities will increase your success rate at reaching your target audience and securing appointments for your services.

Simply put, email marketing saves MSPs time, money, and help drive a higher ROI and truly measurable results. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be actively engaged in that form of marketing to generate new business and revenue streams.

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