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Virtual Chief Information Officer Services for IT OrganizationsSPC’s Interim Chief Technology Officer Engagements Address Your IT Organization’s Immediate Service Challenges and Hire, On-Board and Transition a Permanent CTO

As a result of an internal evaluation of your growth strategy with the primary intent of immediately restructuring and strengthening ongoing service delivery performance to improve historical performance, efficiencies and profitability and allow you to focus more strategically on business growth, you have decided to seek out and hire a new CTO.

Through this new position, you are seeking to grow your IT Practice effectively while avoiding costly mistakes and pitfalls, and over time improve its effectiveness to maximize margins with new strategic business-owner clients, accelerating ROI, and allowing you to scale cost-effectively in the future.

The achievement of these outcomes will rely heavily on a strong leadership approach; and effective strategic and tactical planning and execution, and will necessitate the active support and ownership of your key staff at multiple levels for ultimate success.

You are seeking objective, skilled, third-party assistance to safeguard this growth and guarantee the efficacy of the approaches used during the growth period. In addition, you require ideas, insights and proven methods used in similar situations elsewhere to deal with known dynamics such as the challenges of designing and implementing new processes and procedures, developing key metrics to analyze operational performance, establishing appropriate roles and responsibilities for internal and external resources and hiring, managing and holding teams and individuals accountable to execution.

You will also need assistance in improving the capabilities and effectiveness of the service team to operate efficiently to maintain and grow margins over time, establishing and delivering effective NOC and Service Desk On-Boarding, dispatch, project and incident management and maintenance procedures, strengthen overall service management processes and outcomes, and so on.



In order to realize your service delivery improvement objectives, we recommend providing you a consulting engagement that will:

  1. Establish a baseline measurement of your organization’s performance in areas of remote and onsite service delivery, project management, sales engineering and overall service management
  2. Identify your desired state of a repeatable training process for; and performance improvement in, each of these areas in order to achieve your stated goal of improving service delivery outcomes and preparing the service delivery business unit for controlled, sustainable and profitable growth
  3. Develop a strategy that will accelerate the attainment of your stated goals and define the criteria for success for the service delivery organization
  4. Design a roadmap broken down by phases comprised of tactical activities to achieve the established success criteria
  5. Develop a process to measure performance
  6. Work with your team to provide the remote and onsite service delivery, project management, dispatch, sales engineering and service management guidance, training, processes and procedures, tools and performance audits and recommendations for improvement to achieve the established success criteria
  7. Include audit, review and recommendations for improvement in service delivery management, service financial performance, solution stack, vendor and fulfillment partner relationships, project management, sales engineering and ongoing hiring and training processes and client satisfaction measurement and improvement strategies
  8. Design a succession strategy for the CTO role and conduct the talent search and hiring process, as well as their On-Boarding, transition and training processes to take over day-to-day operational service management and CTO responsibilities and free current leadership to become more strategic in their business and revenue growth responsibilities
  9. Deliver the consulting engagement via onsite and remote meetings and consultations, and leverage our online project management systems, IT Business Builder Training and Resource Center and KPI tools and your CRM platform for visibility and accountability of the performance of all resources on our respective teams


During the engagement, we focus on developing new online and live On-Boarding and ongoing training and enablement training curriculum for the existing; and any new, service desk, NOC, remote or onsite resources, service dispatchers, project managers and coordinators, deployment teams, service manager and C-level technical personnel and deliver live, onsite training on a monthly basis, as well as weekly training and management sessions delivered via phone and desktop screen-sharing sessions.

The outcome of this phase of the engagement is to ensure that all technical resources are properly trained in best practices for their respective roles, including incident and problem management, people skills/soft skills, dispatch, onsite support, project management and deployment, sales engineering and service management, and are employing same during the execution of their daily activities.

We conduct the role of the interim service manager and CIO/CTO during this phase of the engagement.

We feel that these initiatives provide your organization the most effective means of realizing its service delivery improvement goals and accelerating ROI.

SPC International’s Interim CTO Consulting Engagement Value to Your Organization is Multifold, Including:

Accelerated, controlled growth and stability from the increased ability to support greater sales of high-margin Professional, Cloud and Managed Services, reducing the peaks and valleys of inconsistent time and materials, point product and solution revenues over time

Increased top-line revenues and improved profit margins will be realized as:

  1. Cloud and Managed Services deliverables prices and bundles are restructured to realize the highest profit potential
  2. Marketing and sales processes reflect these higher-value services
  3. Sales teams’ confidence is strengthened by the service organization’s transformation to accelerate value-based sales activities
  4. Service delivery processes are tuned to ensure that proper service dispatch, tiering and escalation processes are followed to maximize efficiencies, client satisfaction and retention
  5. Project Management processes are modified and monitored to eliminate scope creep and seep through proper change, communication, risk and project phase review processes and management
  6. Sales engineering processes are modified, and engineers and sales engineers are properly trained to accelerate sales velocity through role-play, training and review and/or modification of existing sales proposals and templates

You should expect to realize increased ancillary revenues (contributing to increased overall revenues) through the identification of additional up-sell and cross-sell services opportunities with new Professional, Cloud and Managed Services clients through effective Quarterly Business Review techniques

You will experience greater brand awareness, visibility and your positioning as the clear leader among your competitors, and obvious choice to fulfill the needs of Professional Services, Cloud and Managed Services clients as a result of improved processes that grow client satisfaction and  testimonial and referral opportunities

A key benefit resulting from our engagement will be to demonstrate that major changes can be managed by existing staff without loss of focus or effectiveness on normal priorities

Avoidance of productivity loss by staff will be realized by focusing on the future and the business outcomes, and not the transition and perceived disadvantages

Even greater stature in the eyes of your leadership, stakeholders and staff will be realized as the positive results and ROI of our engagement are observed, justifying the decision to strategically engage with SPC and other outside firms to grow your business

Expected Outcomes

General Outcomes

Engaging with SPC is expected to improve your organization’s overall service delivery acumen, growth and performance in existing and new relationships with strategic clients to accelerate and increase Professional, Cloud and Managed Services sales margins and value, and establish a playbook to replicate this success in the future.

Specific Outcomes

Specific outcomes include resulting in a service organization review, hiring and training exercise that will properly prepare and position you for growth and profitability exceeding your current financial performance.

It will establish a repeatable training process and operational playbook in the technical and engineering departments comprised of effective processes and procedures to increase service and support efficiencies for rapid, profitable and sustainable growth.

In addition, it will focus on improving your existing service manager’s acumen and value to the organization through training, coaching and mentoring, or in the absence of that resource, preparing a successor to fulfill that key position in the future for the organization, allowing your leadership the ability to focus their time more strategically to fuel growth.

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