If You Can’t Manage Your Salespeople, How Can They Succeed?

Sales Management

Watch Gary Beechum’s ultimate sales management Webinar if:

  • You or your sales manager are having trouble adjusting to the role
  • You’ve made more bad sales hiring decisions than good ones
  • Holding your sales team accountable to perfom has never been easy
  • You lack a consistent sales and sales management formula
  • There isn’t enough time to manage, coach and mentor your sales team
  • It’s tough to keep the pipeline full You can’t seem to retain good sales talent
  • IF YOU DON’T DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY, your business will continue to stagnate…

What You’ll Learn:

  • A sales leadership strategy proven to increase sales
  • Techniques to motivate and improve your sales team’s perfomrance
  • A simple performance measurement process
  • How to prevent ever making a bad sales hiring decision again
Sales Management

Presented by Gary Beechum

President and CEO of SPC International, Gary is an IT Sales Management and MSP, Cloud and Security Sales Training and Business Development Expert

Gary Beechum
  • 30 Year’s experience in sales and sales mgmt.
  • Sales Improvement of over 300% for ITSPs, MSPs and CSPs
  • John C. Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker
  • DISC Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst – CPBA
  • PIAV Certified Professional Values Analyst – CPVA
  • Question Based Selling Methodologies Certified
  • Question Based Selling Advanced Methodologies Certified
  • Captain (Ret.) US Army