My Yearly IT Business Revenue is $1MM to $5MM

Business Revenue $1MM-$5MMYour yearly revenues are above a million dollars, and now you must reinvent yourself as a leader, and revise your organization chart and your priorities in order to achieve the next stage of growth.

Congratulations, you’ve achieved yearly revenues that are rare in this industry. But just as your revenues have grown, so have your challenges. But these aren’t the same challenges you overcame on the way to this stage of growth, as now you are faced with a unique and new set of obstacles.

Internal Transformation

Chances are, you now have a staff of 10 to 20 or more. This growth in staff is where your largest challenges are. Did you know that every time your organization grows by 10, you must reinvent it internally in terms of leadership, management, processes and measurement? It’s true, and it’s also the number one reason that organizations on a fast track to growth suddenly plateau – because the leadership failed to reinvent the company fast enough internally to support the external growth that necessitated the larger staff.

Maybe you’re experiencing this phenomenon yourself. Why can’t you get past this growth plateau? The real danger is that if you don’t grow, you stagnate, and all it takes is for you to lose a key client (or three), and now you’ve got a real financial problem to address. You can’t continue to operate as the leader of a sub-one million dollar organization, once you’ve broken past that revenue barrier. And you may not be able to operate as the leader of your current organization, but instead as the leader of the next evolution of your company’s growth – past five million in revenue.

New Vision, New Organization, New Strategy

In order to realize your new vision, you’ll need to reinvent yourself first, then take a hard look at your org chart. How many direct reports do you have? We’ve worked with more than a few business owners that had everyone still reporting to them in one way or another – a sure way to kill growth. Once you’ve reorganized your human resources into logical units with direct reports that aren’t you; and are delegating more, you can focus on developing into your company’s next-stage strategic leader in earnest.

You’ll now begin looking at your people, processes and products/services with a more focused eye towards building your people and mentoring them into internal leaders, shoring up ineffective or inconsistent processes, and bundling, pricing and delivering your products and services as efficiently as possible for maximum profit. You’ll also look to hire a sales manager, if you don’t have one already – someone that can focus 100% of their time working with your sales team to continually improve their performance.

You’ll also begin investing more time, energy and money into marketing and lead generation, and leverage a new mobile-friendly website redesign and marketing strategies and SEO to take advantage of your prospects’ shift to mobile. Finally, you’ll reevaluate your tools for service delivery, as well as your strategic vendor relationships, in order to stay ahead of your competition, and leverage MDF and other benefits to reduce your overall marketing costs.

Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination

But even after realizing the importance of realizing your new vision, how will you execute it successfully without making costly mistakes, while maximizing your ROI? Sure, you could do it yourself, but it would probably take you much longer than you think, when it’s all said and done, if you actually do get it all done. But with the right guidance, strategies, tools and processes, you can more rapidly realize your vision and get to the next level of business growth more rapidly, while reducing your risk and avoiding mistakes that cost you time and money. This is SPC’s purpose – to help guide you past your obstacles on your way towards growth and increased profitability.

How We Can Help

We offer the following resources and services specifically tailored to help organizations of your size overcome your specific challenges, paving the way to profitable growth and avoiding costly pitfalls and mistakes along the way.

We have created the largest library of online IT business improvement and transformation resources in the Industry and made it available online for you and your entire organization. It provides free access to an incredible selection of track-able classes, videos, forms, tools, collateral, calculators, checklists, marketing materials and downloads to help you build your business.

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Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly consulting and coaching calls are available to provide you the consistent strategic guidance and accountability you may need, and to provide a regular forum that allows you to work “on the business” instead of “in the business” on a regular basis with our expert strategists..

Our onsite sales training engagements and workshops have been touted as the best in the industry by attendees, distributors and vendors. Our highly successful sales techniques have been designed to accelerate sales velocity, shorten sales cycles and increase the value of IT service and solution, Cloud and Managed Services sales. In addition to our own proprietary sales methodologies, we incorporate a combination of today’s most effective and highly-regarded sales techniques and philosophies into our sales training sessions, including the 7 Step Sales Process, Question Based Selling, The Wedge, Consultative Sales and more, which have helped our clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.

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Our onsite service delivery improvement consulting engagements include a top to bottom review of your entire service delivery process, from onsite and remote support and NOC and service desk incident and problem management, to project, risk and change management, to SLAs and Agreements and sales engineering and Proposal development. We review your PSA trouble ticketing and RMM remote monitoring and management systems and service delivery performance reports in order to provide you valuable improvement recommendations, along with KPIs to manage the improvement. The efficiencies we are able to help our clients achieve are immediately measurable at the bottom line.

Our team building engagements help improve staff morale and interpersonal communications with team members and management, increasing enthusiasm, motivation and productivity. There are many reasons that contribute to low morale and staff under-performance, such as an employee in a role where they are not being optimized, or feel unable to succeed, In other words, they’re on the bus, but in the wrong seat. Other reasons can include poor communication with co-workers or management, a lack of clear direction and attainable goals for their positions, and a lack of recognition. Communication is a huge factor, and when employees don’t feel comfortable asking questions and talking with their superiors, it can cause misunderstandings. In situations where employees must work as a team, it is important that they are able to work together successfully. If one verbal employee experiences low morale, everyone in their area will experience it. Negativity can spread through your company quickly, ultimately resulting in lost productivity and apathy as opposed to self-motivation and enthusiasm, which is also contagious. Something as simple as how we communicate with; and understand, each other can change the entire tone of the team or company. Our team building workshops leverage DISC, Motivators and SSI behavioral profiling instruments and analysis, delivered by our DISC Certified Professional Behavioral Analysts.

Our Virtual Chief Sales Officer (VCSO) services deliver our highest-level of engagement for improvement in your sales organization.

During the engagement, we focus on developing new online and live On-Boarding and ongoing training and enablement curriculum for the existing; and any new, recruiters, business development representatives, inside sales executives and sales professional personnel, and deliver live, onsite lead generation and sales training on a monthly basis, as well as weekly sales training and sales management sessions delivered via phone and desktop screen-sharing sessions.

The outcome of this phase of the engagement will be to ensure a minimum number of business development representatives are effectively generating an expected number of sales appointments, and all inside sales representatives and sales professionals are trained in the 7 Step Sales Process, Question Based Selling methodologies and Million Dollar Consulting best practices, and are employing same during sales activities.

We conduct the role of the virtual sales manager and CSO during the entire engagement, and participate in live prospect and client sales appointments for training purposes.

We feel that these initiatives provide organizations that are serious about improving their sales outcomes the most effective means of realizing their sales growth goals and accelerating ROI in a way that is sustainable and scalable in the future.

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Our business consulting services are extended advisory, consultative and collaborative engagements that provide you the equivalent of a team of outsourced C-Level Executives that are experts at business improvement and transformation. Their sole purpose is to work with you and your leadership team; and all levels of management and staff, in order to evaluate your current operational performance levels in Leadership, Operations, HR & Hiring, Marketing, Sales and Service Delivery, Vendor and Fulfillment Partnering and more, and establish an improvement strategy to achieve an agreed-upon criteria for success that can be measured and quantified. Then, we work with you as part of your team to implement the transition strategy. This is by far the service that provides our clients the most value and fastest ROI, to such an extent that we regularly are asked to extend our engagements.

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What Makes SPC International Different?

With hundreds of successful IT solution, Managed Services and Cloud practice business improvement consulting engagements, our experience and performance speaks for itself, and uniquely qualifies us to be the most capable, successful IT business strategists in the industry.

Since 1997 we have developed the largest library of IT solution, Managed Services and Cloud practice operational, marketing, sales and service delivery improvement processes and procedures in the industry to accelerate positive IT business transformation.

Our years of IT business improvement, training and enablement expertise and prior experience as successful IT solution providers and MSPs affords us a unique insight as to the best ways to improve your business performance while reducing risk and avoiding costly mistakes.

Acting as an objective 3rd party with your staff and external resources, we facilitate positive change by leveraging interpersonal competencies to constructively overcome bottlenecks, resolve conflict, enhance brainstorming and creativity and focus on critical issues.

Rather than limit results to one single area of IT business improvement such as sales or marketing, our 17 years of knowledge, expertise and experience affords us the unique ability to improve business outcomes in all areas of your business – operations, marketing, sales and service.

The relationships we’ve built span hundreds of manufacturer, vendor and distributor channels; as well as tens of thousands of IT solution providers worldwide, allowing us to quickly introduce you to engage with the right strategic partners the first time to accelerate IT business growth.

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