My Yearly IT Business Revenue is Less Than $1MM

Revenue Less Than $1MMAs an organization with yearly revenues below a million dollars, you have unique challenges that can be overcome with the right strategies, tools, processes and guidance.

When you’re trying to reach your first million in revenue, every strategy, activity and resource counts – not to mention what it costs you to get there. Each and every moment and penny you spend at this critical stage of company growth must be focused on a rapid and measurable return that accelerates growth.

Growing Pains

It’s nearly impossible to maintain your strategic focus and effort on growing the company when you and/or your small team must wear the many hats that are unavoidable at this stage of your business growth. When do you find the time and energy to develop and improve the processes you need in order to streamline new client on-boarding, project and change management and ongoing incident management activities to increase your efficiencies and profits? Or invest in, or finally 100% complete the integration and optimization of the PSA trouble ticketing and RMM remote management and maintenance systems you invested in so long ago?

And how about training, leading and developing yourself and/or your staff? Typically, this ends up being the last thing on your long list to accomplish, and the one you simply never get to – even though this is absolutely the most important activity you should be investing your time and effort in. After all, if you don’t build yourself and your people, how can you build your business?


You haven’t yet achieved the revenue growth needed to allow you to hire additional staff to relieve some of your burden, but without more business and new hires you can’t easily achieve that needed revenue. This leaves you with a difficult, but addressable challenge.

Overcoming Obstacles

As an entrepreneur you understand that you are greater than your challenges. And with the right guidance, strategies, tools and processes, you can overcome your current growing pains and get to the next level of business growth. This is SPC’s purpose – to help guide you past your obstacles on your way towards growth and increased profitability.

How We Can Help

We offer the following resources and services specifically tailored to help organizations of your size overcome your specific challenges, paving the way to profitable growth and avoiding costly pitfalls and mistakes along the way.

We have created the largest library of online IT business improvement and transformation resources in the Industry and made it available online for you and your entire organization. It provides free access to an incredible selection of track-able classes, videos, forms, tools, collateral, calculators, checklists, marketing materials and downloads to help you build your business.

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Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly consulting and coaching calls are available to provide you the consistent strategic guidance and accountability you may need, and to provide a regular forum that allows you to work “on the business” instead of “in the business” on a regular basis with our expert strategists..

Our onsite sales training engagements and workshops have been touted as the best in the industry by attendees, distributors and vendors. Our highly successful sales techniques have been designed to accelerate sales velocity, shorten sales cycles and increase the value of IT service and solution, Cloud and Managed Services sales. In addition to our own proprietary sales methodologies, we incorporate a combination of today’s most effective and highly-regarded sales techniques and philosophies into our sales training sessions, including the 7 Step Sales Process, Question Based Selling, The Wedge, Consultative Sales and more, which have helped our clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.

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Our onsite service delivery improvement consulting engagements include a top to bottom review of your entire service delivery process, from onsite and remote support and NOC and service desk incident and problem management, to project, risk and change management, to SLAs and Agreements and sales engineering and Proposal development. We review your PSA trouble ticketing and RMM remote monitoring and management systems and service delivery performance reports in order to provide you valuable improvement recommendations, along with KPIs to manage the improvement. The efficiencies we are able to help our clients achieve are immediately measurable at the bottom line.

What Makes SPC International Different?

With hundreds of successful IT solution, Managed Services and Cloud practice business improvement consulting engagements, our experience and performance speaks for itself, and uniquely qualifies us to be the most capable, successful IT business strategists in the industry.

Since 1997 we have developed the largest library of IT solution, Managed Services and Cloud practice operational, marketing, sales and service delivery improvement processes and procedures in the industry to accelerate positive IT business transformation.

Our years of IT business improvement, training and enablement expertise and prior experience as successful IT solution providers and MSPs affords us a unique insight as to the best ways to improve your business performance while reducing risk and avoiding costly mistakes.

Acting as an objective 3rd party with your staff and external resources, we facilitate positive change by leveraging interpersonal competencies to constructively overcome bottlenecks, resolve conflict, enhance brainstorming and creativity and focus on critical issues.

Rather than limit results to one single area of IT business improvement such as sales or marketing, our 17 years of knowledge, expertise and experience affords us the unique ability to improve business outcomes in all areas of your business – operations, marketing, sales and service.

The relationships we’ve built span hundreds of manufacturer, vendor and distributor channels; as well as tens of thousands of IT solution providers worldwide, allowing us to quickly introduce you to engage with the right strategic partners the first time to accelerate IT business growth.

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