My Yearly IT Business Revenue is Over $5MM

Group-Business-PeopleYour success has served you well, and your sights are squarely focused on achieving revenues in the double-digit millions, but what got you here won’t get you there.

Compliments on your revenue achievement, you are in the top 5% of small businesses, based on your revenue. It’s time now to re-evaluate your business plan, strategy and goals to determine where your best ROI will be realized – from continuing to grow top-line revenues as the primary focus or improving net profits, or a little of both? And now that you are at this stage of business growth, your succession and exit strategies must be developed/reviewed and/or implemented, as you have certainly begun receiving M&A inquiries by now, and perhaps you are considering a growth by acquisition strategy yourself, to catapult you to the next level of success.

Run It As If You’re Selling It

It’s always a best practice to operate your business as lean as possible for maximum profit potential, but prior to this stage of your business growth, you were probably investing heavily in infrastructure, training, partnerships, tools and so on, in order to achieve this level of success – and maybe you still are. Now is the time to begin considering a diet to lower expenses and increase EBITDA, if your strategy is to exit or grow through the M&A process.

If you desire to exit, then this is an important strategy, as it will drive up your strike price and make you attractive to multiple buyers, potentially creating a bidding war – all to your benefit. And if you desire to grow through acquisition, then your certified financials become useful in other ways, including securing financing for acquisition activities.

New Vertical Market, Geographic and Solution Opportunities

You’ve probably done well for yourself in a few vertical markets up to this point. Now is the time to explore additional verticals, especially those that must comply to government regulations such as state and local government, education, healthcare, finance, retail and others. In addition, you may be ready to expand geographically to other locations to increase your service footprint, or are ready to add additional services and solutions to your stack, such as security, virtualization, and more.

And if you haven’t adopted a culture of leadership and accountability yet, you’ll want to direct your focus internally to build your people and formalize a succession plan for yourself and others within your organization. As your org chart has evolved, you’ll already have allocated budgets and budget management responsibilities to your key leaders in areas of ongoing marketing, sales training, hiring & HR, operations, R&D and technical training and certifications.

Strategic Decision-Making

Unless you’ve built and sold businesses in the past (as we have, as well as helped numerous clients do the same), you’d benefit from expert guidance and consulting at this stage of your business. Perhaps you need help in evaluating exactly where you stand from a business maturity level, what your options are, and what decision makes the most sense for you. Or how to phase in gradual improvement and transition strategies over time, so as not to disrupt ongoing operations, or telegraph your ultimate intent until it’s time to. Or maybe you absolutely love what you do and want to continue to explore and implement growth strategies in other verticals, adopt more solutions and expand geographically. This is SPC’s purpose – to help you make the right strategic decisions on your way towards growth, increased profitability and/or exit.

How We Can Help

We offer the following resources and services specifically tailored to help organizations of your size overcome your specific challenges, paving the way to profitable growth and avoiding costly pitfalls and mistakes along the way.

We have created the largest library of online IT business improvement and transformation resources in the Industry and made it available online for you and your entire organization. It provides free access to an incredible selection of track-able classes, videos, forms, tools, collateral, calculators, checklists, marketing materials and downloads to help you build your business.

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Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly consulting and coaching calls are available to provide you the consistent strategic guidance and accountability you may need, and to provide a regular forum that allows you to work “on the business” instead of “in the business” on a regular basis with our expert strategists..

Our onsite sales training engagements and workshops have been touted as the best in the industry by attendees, distributors and vendors. Our highly successful sales techniques have been designed to accelerate sales velocity, shorten sales cycles and increase the value of IT service and solution, Cloud and Managed Services sales. In addition to our own proprietary sales methodologies, we incorporate a combination of today’s most effective and highly-regarded sales techniques and philosophies into our sales training sessions, including the 7 Step Sales Process, Question Based Selling, The Wedge, Consultative Sales and more, which have helped our clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.

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Our onsite service delivery improvement consulting engagements include a top to bottom review of your entire service delivery process, from onsite and remote support and NOC and service desk incident and problem management, to project, risk and change management, to SLAs and Agreements and sales engineering and Proposal development. We review your PSA trouble ticketing and RMM remote monitoring and management systems and service delivery performance reports in order to provide you valuable improvement recommendations, along with KPIs to manage the improvement. The efficiencies we are able to help our clients achieve are immediately measurable at the bottom line.

Our Virtual Chief Sales Officer (VCSO) services deliver our highest-level of engagement for improvement in your sales organization.

During the engagement, we focus on developing new online and live On-Boarding and ongoing training and enablement curriculum for the existing; and any new, recruiters, business development representatives, inside sales executives and sales professional personnel, and deliver live, onsite lead generation and sales training on a monthly basis, as well as weekly sales training and sales management sessions delivered via phone and desktop screen-sharing sessions.

The outcome of this phase of the engagement will be to ensure a minimum number of business development representatives are effectively generating an expected number of sales appointments, and all inside sales representatives and sales professionals are trained in the 7 Step Sales Process, Question Based Selling methodologies and Million Dollar Consulting best practices, and are employing same during sales activities.

We conduct the role of the virtual sales manager and CSO during the entire engagement, and participate in live prospect and client sales appointments for training purposes.

We feel that these initiatives provide organizations that are serious about improving their sales outcomes the most effective means of realizing their sales growth goals and accelerating ROI in a way that is sustainable and scalable in the future.

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Our business consulting services are extended advisory, consultative and collaborative engagements that provide you the equivalent of a team of outsourced C-Level Executives that are experts at business improvement and transformation. Their sole purpose is to work with you and your leadership team; and all levels of management and staff, in order to evaluate your current operational performance levels in Leadership, Operations, HR & Hiring, Marketing, Sales and Service Delivery, Vendor and Fulfillment Partnering and more, and establish an improvement strategy to achieve an agreed-upon criteria for success that can be measured and quantified. Then, we work with you as part of your team to implement the transition strategy. This is by far the service that provides our clients the most value and fastest ROI, to such an extent that we regularly are asked to extend our engagements.

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What Makes SPC International Different?

With hundreds of successful IT solution, Managed Services and Cloud practice business improvement consulting engagements, our experience and performance speaks for itself, and uniquely qualifies us to be the most capable, successful IT business strategists in the industry.

Since 1997 we have developed the largest library of IT solution, Managed Services and Cloud practice operational, marketing, sales and service delivery improvement processes and procedures in the industry to accelerate positive IT business transformation.

Our years of IT business improvement, training and enablement expertise and prior experience as successful IT solution providers and MSPs affords us a unique insight as to the best ways to improve your business performance while reducing risk and avoiding costly mistakes.

Acting as an objective 3rd party with your staff and external resources, we facilitate positive change by leveraging interpersonal competencies to constructively overcome bottlenecks, resolve conflict, enhance brainstorming and creativity and focus on critical issues.

Rather than limit results to one single area of IT business improvement such as sales or marketing, our 17 years of knowledge, expertise and experience affords us the unique ability to improve business outcomes in all areas of your business – operations, marketing, sales and service.

The relationships we’ve built span hundreds of manufacturer, vendor and distributor channels; as well as tens of thousands of IT solution providers worldwide, allowing us to quickly introduce you to engage with the right strategic partners the first time to accelerate IT business growth.

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