Project Management Process Improvement

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Eliminate Scope Creep, Scope Seep and Deliver Every Project Profitably with Maximum Customer Satisfaction


The ability to properly plan and manage the deployment of technical projects is one of the three critical components of efficient, profitable service delivery (the other two being sales engineering and remote service desk). Best practices for project design, risk, change and communication management and conducting effective client kickoff meetings are crucial to the growth of a well-oiled project management and implementation team. With a solid project management and deployment process, along with the tools, forms and platforms your team can excel at delivering more of the type of successful, profitable projects that drive customer satisfaction and facilitate more and easier project sales in the future.

Our Project Management Process Improvement Engagement includes:

  • Onsite and remote training sessions with your project team to introduce and accelerate the adoption of the best practices they need to succeed
  • All of the forms, tools, templates, calculators and agreements needed to manage each and every step of the project design, deployment and management process
  • An experienced SPC Project and Program Manager that will team with you to execute successful projects

Project Management Process Improvement Engagement Service Description

Minimum 90 Day Engagement

  1. Phase 1: Discovery – where we understand your current process, human resources, target market and challenges
  2. Phase 2: Training – where we train your staff on SPC’s proprietary Project Management Best Practices that eliminate scope creep and seep and increase profit and customer satisfaction
  3. Phase 3: Shadowing – where we shadow your team on each phase of the proper Project Management Process in real-time, providing them expert coaching and guidance to prepare them to transition to replicating these same processes and realizing improved outcomes consistently

Erick Simpson, SVP & CIO

Erick Simpson

Led by Erick Simpson, SPC’s Senior Vice President and CIO, our Project Management Process Improvement Engagements have been delivered to clients managing commercial projects in the tens of thousands to government projects in the tens of millions. Stop the insanity and reach out to us for a call to discuss how we can help you keep every one of your projects firmly in the black.

About Erick Simpson

Expected Outcome

By the end of this consulting engagement, you will have:

  • A documented best-practices-based project management process
  • All of the forms and documents required to properly conduct a client project kickoff meeting and establish success criteria that is business-outcome or technical-outcome based, establish roles and responsibilities of each of your internal team and vendors, and the client’s internal team and vendors, and agree to the risk management, change management, communication and phase review processes, as well as define successful project completion
  • All of the forms and documents required to properly document and request change
  • All of the forms and documents required to properly conduct phase review with the client
  • All of the forms and documents required to properly conduct final project closure and receive acceptance from client
  • Access to online training for each of these processes and the use of all of these tools for future project resource hires
  • A trained staff that can execute these processes and use these tools and forms in order to eliminate scope creep and scope seep and maximize project margins

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