Sales Engineering Process Improvement

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Scope, Price and Quote Each and Every Service Accurately to Meet Target Margins and Speed Deployment


The importance of an effective sales engineering process in building, growing and supporting an IT organization’s sales and marketing efforts cannot be overstated. The sales engineer is the buffer between sales and deployment, and one of the keys to project profitability. Let’s face it – we all know that a good sales person is going to do everything in their power to close an opportunity, and while this is great news (as we all want more sales), sometimes a sales person’s eagerness can create a client expectation that is difficult to meet. A sales engineer not only helps train sales staff in what is and is not possible (and at what cost), but is instrumental in working with vendors and partners in order to architect the right solution, put together a parts and service list and price your deliverables properly to meet your margin targets. In addition, your sales engineer needs to be able to design a proposal for your clients in such a way as to increase buying temperature and accelerate sales velocity, and in some cases help your sales professionals close opportunities by conducting the team-selling process correctly.

Our Sales Engineering Process Improvement Engagement includes:

  • Onsite and remote training sessions with your engineering and sales team to introduce and accelerate the adoption of the sales engineering and team-selling best practices they need to succeed
  • All of the forms, tools, templates, calculators, proposals and agreements needed to manage each and every step of the sales engineering design and execution process
  • An experienced SPC Sales Engineer that will team with you to execute successful sales engineering, pricing and proposal development engagements

Sales Engineering Process Improvement Engagement Service Description

Minimum 30 Day Engagement

  1. Phase 1: Discovery – where we understand your current process, human resources, target market and challenges
  2. Phase 2: Training – where we train your staff on SPC’s proprietary Sales Engineering Best Practices on effective team-selling techniques and tactics that eliminate common mistakes and close more sales at increased profits with our unique consultative proposal templates
  3. Phase 3: Shadowing – where we shadow your team on each phase of the proper Sales Engineering Process in real-time, providing them expert coaching and guidance to prepare them to transition to replicating these same processes and realizing improved outcomes consistently

Erick Simpson, SVP & CIO

Erick Simpson

Led by Erick Simpson, SPC’s Senior Vice President and CIO, our Sales Engineering Process Improvement Engagements have been delivered to clients managing commercial projects in the tens of thousands to government projects in the tens of millions. Stop the insanity and reach out to us for a call to discuss how we can help you keep every one of your sales engineered proposals firmly in the black.

About Erick Simpson

Expected Outcome

By the end of this consulting engagement, you will have:

  • A documented best-practices-based sales engineering process
  • All of the forms and documents required to properly conduct a client business and technology assessment
  • All of the forms and documents required to properly work with internal technical and sales teams, as well as external vendors and distributor resources to correctly design and profitably price your solutions
  • All of the forms and documents required to properly develop business-winning proposals
  • All of the forms and documents required to properly conduct the sales engineering process
  • All of the forms, documents and slide presentations required to properly present your solution to the client
  • Access to online training for each of these processes and the use of all of these tools for future sales engineering hires

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