Service Desk and NOC Performance Improvement

Tier Your Service Desk and NOC Correctly, Establish Best Practices Processes and Configure Platforms to Strengthen Incident Management and Escalation Efficiencies for Maximum Profitability


A poorly designed Service Desk and NOC with ineffective or absent incident identification, documentation, prioritization, assignment, escalation and resolution processes, an undefined dispatch role and home-grown or unoptimized RMM and PSA tools, along with a lack of service delivery standardization are your worst enemy as an MSP and a primary driver of client attrition.

Your Service Desk and NOC are the cornerstone of your Managed Services practice and can be tremendously efficient and profitable while maintaining a constantly growing level of client satisfaction – or become your costliest business unit. Most MSPs fall somewhere in-between, and the clear majority can achieve exponentially improving profits, along with increased client lifetime value with the right strategies, processes and guidance.


Our Service Desk and NOC Process, Performance and Utilization Improvement Engagement includes:

  • Onsite and remote training sessions with your Dispatch, Service Desk and NOC team to introduce and accelerate the adoption of the Dispatch and Incident and Problem Management best practices they need to succeed
  • Guidance and techniques on how to best optimize your RMM and PSA tools to increase resource utilization and realization and simplify project management and automated and client-generated ticket creation; reduce the noise of false-positive alerting, adhere to SLAs through system-generated alerting and escalation processes and deliver robust external and internal reporting needed to prove value to your clients, and evaluate utilization and realization of each technician and engineer and the profitability of every Managed Services agreement you service and Project you deploy
  • Establishment or improvement of a dedicated Dispatch role that is ultimately responsible for the lifecycle management of each service request through the proper identification and assignment, reassignment and management of each ticket with the appropriate resources, and escalation as needed to maintain published SLAs
  • The appropriate tiering and staffing of your Service Desk and NOC based on formulas encompassing ticket load, available resources and competencies, availability, SLAs and more, and correctly forecast who and when to hire each and every resource needed to grow your service delivery team in a controlled, sustainable and profitable manner
  • All of the forms, tools, templates, calculators, SLAs, SOWs and Agreements needed to manage each and every step of the Managed IT Services delivery process
  • An experienced SPC Service Desk, NOC, Dispatch and Project Management expert that will team with you to execute your Service Desk and NOC transformation

Service Desk and NOC Process, Performance and Utilization Improvement Engagement Service Description

Minimum 60 Day Engagement

  1. Phase 1: Discovery – where we understand your current process, human resources, target market and challenges
  2. Phase 2: Optimization – where we evaluate your PSA and RMM tools to identify bottlenecks to integration and efficiency and guide your team through the strategies and activities to resolve them and increase automation to reduce costly human labor, and generate client-facing performance reporting that amplifies your service value, and internal performance reporting that identifies opportunities for improvement
  3. Phase 3: Training – where we train your staff on SPC’s proprietary Dispatch, Service Desk and NOC Best Practices on effective techniques and tactics that eliminate common bottlenecks and streamline incident and problem management tasks to segment and close more tickets more quickly and maintain SLAs, governed by an effective Dispatch and escalation process
  4. Phase 4: Shadowing – where we shadow your Dispatcher and Service Desk and NOC team on day-to-day service delivery, providing them expert coaching and guidance to accelerate their transition to replicating these same processes consistently and realizing continually improved outcomes

Erick Simpson, SVP & CIO

Erick Simpson

Led by Erick Simpson, SPC’s Senior Vice President and CIO; whose past experience is rooted in building, staffing, training and delivering optimized call centers and service desks to Fortune 500 organizations, our Service Desk and NOC Process, Performance and Improvement Engagements have been delivered to clients ranging in size from MSP startups to organizations exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Stop the insanity and reach out to us for a call to discuss how we can help you build or transform your Service Desk and NOC into the continually growing profit center it should be.

About Erick Simpson

Expected Outcome

By the end of this consulting engagement, you will have:

  • Documented best-practices-based Dispatch, Service Desk and NOC service delivery processes
  • RMM and PSA tools integrated and optimized to reduce the noise of false-positive alerts and ease the process of automated or client-initiated ticket creation, with improved automated escalation and alerting to improve adherence to SLAs
  • A Dispatch, Service Desk and NOC team that is properly tiered, trained and utilized to address current ticket loads and a capacity planning forecast that identifies who and when to hire to support controlled, sustainable growth
  • All of the forms, tools, templates and documents required to properly manage the transformation and ongoing growth
  • Access to online training for each of these processes and the use of all of these tools for future Dispatch, Service Desk and NOC hires
  • A trained staff that can execute these processes and use your platforms and these tools to eliminate service delivery mistakes and maximize service delivery margins

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